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A Little History and Current Events:

When Dogs at Play opened in 2003, we were the first dog daycare in Eugene. Since the permit process is long and difficult we needed to find a place that we could to grow into and stay for the long haul.

Over the years we have transformed our facility into dog paradise.

We took out poles, knocked down walls, added doors and fencing for more appropriate outdoor areas, all so your pup will have the space it needs to run and play. We leave the door open so potty breaks are available anytime the need arises.

We also have the comforts of home. A couch lowered and covered with dog beds especially for the older crowd. Did we mention there is an electric fireplace above the couch? We also have a special corner with beds and blankies that the heat lamp keeps extra warm.

With the summer shade sails everyone gets what they want. While some dogs like to bake in the sun, others enjoy a shady spot to cool off. We spend lots of time keeping the water fresh and the yard picked up.

   We added some new art to the building in 2013 to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Thanks to Charlene DeLage for the original print (and the rest of the awesome art in our lobby.)











The three most common questions we are asked when people stop in to visit are:

Do you know all of the dogs' names? Of course we do.

Who is the Top Dog? I am. Leah Brown: former Veterinary Technician and Pet Sitter; currently, Dog Daycare Wrangler and Agility Instructor. I went to college to work with animals and 30 years later I'm still at it. I started this adventure in 2003 to give dogs a safe place to play. I'm here everyday, with the dogs, to make sure everything continues to run smoothly.

What kind of training do you provide? During daycare hours it’s all about basic house manners. After hours it’s Agility. If you are interested in agility classes call us during business hours and we'll give you the details.

We have an awesome crew of dog wranglers. Just like the dogs, we have a regular schedule so we know the dogs, and they know us. The playful pups are supervised at all times by four or five wranglers in the morning and at least two in the afternoon-when it's a bit quieter.

We have watched dogs go from unruly puppies to old friends. As they get a little grayer they may not play as long and hard as they used to (who does?), but they are still excited to come in and enjoy some canine company. We have lost many old friends over the years, but we are honored to meet the 2nd and 3rd generation of the family. 

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To save a 1000 words-here are some pictures!

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