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How do you get started?


All the dogs are interviewed before starting daycare. We set up a new dog appointment and you bring:

Your Dog 

From your Veterinarian:

  • Dates of last Rabies and Distemper vaccines

  • Date and result of fecal exam (must be negative & within last 6 months)

  • Proof of spay or neuter 

License number

Emergency contact: Someone other than you or your partner who we would call if you don’t come to pick up your dog.


Once all the paperwork is filled out the fun begins. We spend a few minutes with your dog to make sure she is friendly and feels comfortable with us. Then we head to the dog play room where all the other dogs are waiting patiently (or not) behind the gate to meet their new friend. We take your dog out and show them where they should potty and give them a chance to sniff around. Based on how they react, we pick 1 playmate to introduce them to, then we pick another, and another, until all the dogs are together.


We have had several dogs that are particularly shy or haven’t been around many other dogs. If your dog seems concerned, we may repeat the new dog appointment process. There is no fee for the 1st interview, but additional ones are $5 each.


The first day of daycare needs to be within a week of your new dog appointment; we want the experience to be fresh in their mind. Plan to arrive at 7:30 a.m. and to pick up your pup early in the afternoon.


All the dogs have a regular schedule and must attend regularly. The minimum commitment is ½ a day once a week. This means we can't accommodate out of town drop ins or pups that just need occasional care. We require 24 hours notice for cancellations. Since dogs can arrive between 7:30 & 11:59 am, we will use 8 am the day before as the cutoff time for all cancellations. If you fail to cancel in time you will be charged for the day. If you or your pet is ill, or the weather is bad, we will make an exception for those who call before 8am the same day.

New Quarantine Policy

We'd rather have dogs quarantined at home instead of sick at home with kennel cough. The new policy will help stop the transmission of kennel cough from other facilities to ours and keep your pup as safe as possible.

Any dog that boards overnight with other dogs or attends another daycare can not attend Dogs at Play for 7 days after returning home. Violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal from daycare with a 50% refund of any prepaid days. 24 hour cancellation notice is required to avoid paying for the quarantine days. Provided proper notice is given, the first 2 weeks will not count as missed days, any additional weeks will be counted as missed days.


The diagram below outlines how we track days that are missed when proper notice is given. It resets each calendar year. We have found this to be an effective way to keep our prices reasonable and encourage regular attendance. Once you miss 4 days, you will be charged for the 5th, miss 3 more, pay for the next one and so on.



Hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30am-6:00pm

(all dogs need to arrive before 12:00pm)

$1 a minute after 6:00, 3 strikes and you’re out

½ days: 5 hours or less; over 5 hours, full day rate applies

               Cash or Check                                     
    Full Days                                                      
Daily                                              $36              
10 day package  ($34.20/day)    $342               
20 day package  ($30.60/day)    $612             

    1/2 day or multi dog (same day)                   
Daily                                             $26               
10 day package (
$24.70/day)    $247               
20 day package ($22.10/day)    $442               

            Debit or Credit

     Full Days

Daily                                             $38

10 day package ($36/day)          $360

20 day package ($32/day)          $640 

1/2 day or multi dog (same day)

Daily                                            $28 

10 day package ($26/day)         $260

20 day package ($24/day)         $480

If you have multiple dogs that attend on the same day, the 1/2 day rate applies to each additional dog.                                   

Any Credit or Debit Card purchases will be assessed a 3% duty tariff. For your convenience the daycare

fees are outlined above. Payment is due at the end of each play day. Packages are good for 1 year.

For our daycare clients, we offer baths (we wash or you can), pedicures ($10), anal gland expression ($20) and teeth brushing ($1). Ask us for details!

Make sure your dog is on a leash until you are in the leash room and you close each door behind you.


Please don’t let your dog pee on the front of the building or flower boxes; if something solid falls out, pick it up.


We can't accommodate drop ins and don't provide weekend or overnight care.


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