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We've got the good stuff that you and your pup need!
If we don't have it, we will do our best to get it.
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Peep's Pantry 
We've added fresh baked, semi-soft dog treats to our offerings. The base for all the cookies is oat flour, eggs and baking powder. Then we add peanut butter, apples & cheddar, pears, pumpkin, zucchini & parmesan or carrots. The dogs enjoy them all. They make excellent every day snacks and special gifts. We'll whip up whatever you need.
Dog Food
With the huge variety of foods, flavors and sizes it's impossible to stock them all. What is possible: we can order what you need when you need it. There isn't much we can't get. Our inventory is small, but it helps keep the prices low and product fresh.


There are almost any many treat choices as there are food choices. To grain or not to grain, that's the easy question. Crunchy, chewy, big for tossing, little for training, who says you have to try just one? We keep a wide variety on paw, but we can hunt down your pups favorite nibble.


For Humans

We have an interesting collection of items for people too. Solar flowers, wind chimes, coffee cups, wine glasses and signs just to mention a few. If you want to know why we added these trinkets-just ask.


Is your dog a lover, retriever, thinker or perhaps a destroyer when she plays? We have lots of cost effective choices for your style. If you haven't tried an interactive game with your dog-you should. It's a great way to wear them out when the weather isn't cooperating. Some have little toys they have to pull out of bigger toys (bees from a hive, squirrels from a tree), some have food rewards that they earn by removing, pushing and pulling bones and drawers.


Necessities and Accessories

We have what you need for both ends of your walk. Collars and leashes for the front and pickup bags and holders for the back. We keep dental chews and toothpaste in stock to keep those chompers healthy.

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